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Assessment of the Social Cost of HIV/AIDS in Switzerland

Applicant Danthine Jean-Pierre
Number 62048
Funding scheme Project funding (special)
Research institution Department of Strategy HEC Lausanne University of Lausanne
Institution of higher education University of Lausanne - LA
Main discipline Infectious Diseases
Start/End 01.05.2000 - 30.09.2001
Approved amount 145'155.00
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Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
Objective: The objective of the study is to assess the social cost, i.e. direct, indirect and prevention costs, of HIV infections in Switzerland in 1998 while introducing a methodology able to take into account the significant ongoing changes in treatments and their costs with a view of evaluating the social cost of HIV infections in the coming years as well.? Motivation :Evaluating the social cost of HIV infections is of high interest for a variety of reasons: It is important for decision makers to have an insight into the total burden of the disease and into the structure of the different costs attributable to HIV infections. This information, for instance, places the prevention efforts in a useful perspective. Comparisons with the social cost of other illnesses and the assessment of HIV share in the total health care cost in Switzerland are other elements of value for decision makers. Comparisons with the social cost of HIV in other countries are of interest as well as they provide information to decision makers on the cost and benefit of alternative strategies. It is important to study the economic impact of the rapid development of new therapies and be prepare to face the consequences on social cost of the prolonged survival of infected individuals that appears to result from these scientific developments. ? General context : Most of HIV/AIDS economic studies focus on direct costs. Few have considered social cost, and to our knowledge no such studies have been carried out in Switzerland. The most recent Swiss studies, in particular, have only considered direct costs or performed an economic evaluation of drugs treatment.

Methodology: Our methodology to assess present and future social cost is based on the development of two types of models. First of all, we will develop a bottom-up model to estimate disaggregated costs at the Swiss level. Secondly, a mathematical model of disease evolution will be developed and use to make projections of future costs. The main sources of data are the Swiss HIV cohort study data base, data from a Swiss University hospital with outpatients clinic, and expert opinions.

Key words : Social cost - HIV/AIDS - Disease evolution - Switzerland
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