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Auswirkungen von neuen Unternehmensstrategien auf den Güterver- kehr. Gezeigt an der Fallstudie Zug.

Applicant Thierstein Alain
Number 47370
Funding scheme NRP 41 Transport and Environment: Interactions Switzerland - Europe
Research institution Schweiz. Institut für Aussenwirtschaft und angewandte Wirtschaftsforschung Universität St. Gallen
Institution of higher education University of St.Gallen - SG
Main discipline Economics
Start/End 01.01.1997 - 31.12.1998
Approved amount 120'000.00
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Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
Company strategies and decisions concerning location, such as outsourcing of individual production processes, have an impact on the volume of freight traffic. This project intends to study these impacts in a case-study for the Zug region.
  • What impacts do structural changes of the economy (e.g. outsourcing, changes in telecommunication) have on the volume of freight traffic?
  • In what types of companies does the division of labour lead to increased traffic, and where can freight traffic be reduced by means of communication systems?
  • What potentials for reducing freight traffic are there in cooperative efforts by the private and public sectors, e.g. in the sense of so-called "client service traffic", improved logistics, etc.?
This project intends to study the changes of company structures and freight traffic streams in the region of Zug.
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