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Gottfried Semper: Der Stil. Kritische und kommentierte Ausgabe - Teil 2

English title Gottfried Semper: Style. Critical and commented edition - part 2
Applicant Ursprung Philip
Number 198242
Funding scheme Editionen
Research institution Institut für Geschichte & Theorie der Architektur (gta) / D-ARCH ETH Zürich
Institution of higher education ETH Zurich - ETHZ
Main discipline Visual arts and Art history
Start/End 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2024
Approved amount 1'247'120.00
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All Disciplines (10)

Visual arts and Art history
General history (without pre-and early history)
Architecture and Social urban science
German and English languages and literature

Keywords (8)

Grundlagenforschung; Wissenschaftsgeschichte; Kunstgeschichte; Architekturgeschichte; Transdisziplinarität; Kulturgeschichte; digitale Edition; Architekturtheorie

Lay Summary (German)

Gottfried Semper hat mit seinem theoretischen Hauptwerk «Der Stil in den technischen und tektonischen Künsten, oder Praktische Ästhetik» (1860/63) die Kulturgeschichte der letzten 160 Jahre nachhaltig geprägt. Die digitale Edition macht sämtliche Manuskriptstufen, die verschiedenen Druckausgaben sowie das Material zum geplanten, aber nie erschienenen dritten «Stil»-Band in Form von Faksimiles, detaillierten Transkriptionen sowie bereinigten Lesetexten zugänglich. Auf den Ebenen der Textherstellung, Kommentierung und Kontextualisierung werden die Möglichkeiten des digitalen Edierens umfassend genutzt.
Lay summary

Die Gesamtedition umfasst (1) die beiden publizierten «Stil»-Bände in ihren verschiedenen (Druck-) Ausgaben und Manuskriptstufen; (2) die nie publizierte, praktisch unbekannte «Kunstformenlehre» (1856) als direkte Vorstufe des «Stil»; (3) die letzten Bearbeitungsstufen der «Vergleichenden Baulehre» einschliesslich der als Studentennachschriften (u.a. von Alfred Friedrich Bluntschli, Johann Rudolf Rahn und Eugène Burnand) überlieferten Vorlesungen Sempers am Eidgenössischen Polytechnikum, die das Material zum Fragment gebliebenen dritten «Stil»-Band bilden.

Die Edition wird auf vollständig digitaler Basis publiziert und auf frei zugänglich gemacht. In Phase 1 des Editionsprojekts (2017–2020) wurden sämtliche Materialien zu Band 1 des «Stil» veröffentlicht. In Phase 2 werden der zweite «Stil»-Band sowie die «Kunstformenlehre» editiert. Die einordnenden und kontextualisierenden Kommentare zu sämtlichen Textstufen werden erweitert und vertieft. Auf technischer Ebene werden die Funktionen der Webseite erweitert und ergänzt. 

Der textliche und bildliche Gesamtbestand von Gottfried Sempers kulturgeschichtlichem Schlüsselwerk wird unter umfassender Ausnutzung der Möglichkeiten digitalen Edierens erstmals vollständig verfügbar gemacht, kommentiert und kontextualisiert. Die Edition trägt der bis heute anhaltenden, über die engeren Grenzen der Architektur und Architekturtheorie hinausreichenden Rezeption und Relevanz des «Stil» Rechnung.

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The edition of Gottfried Semper’s Style in Technical and Tectonic Arts, or Practical Aesthetics attends to a work of humanities, which has left a deep impression on the history of art and architecture in the last 150 years. The Style is Semper’s main theoretical work, which connects its subject matter with many disciplines beyond the narrowly art historical field. This multifariousness is responsible for the continuing topicality of Semper’s writings, and the Style Edition accounts for this in particular. The methods of scholarly editing and research infrastructures that it employs make comprehensive use of the possibilities available in the digital environment. In the first phase of the project, funded by the SNSF 2017-2020 we have devoted particular attention to the digital handling and publication concepts and, by extension, to the infrastructures of research. This has motivated the decision to develop the Style Edition on a fully digital basis and to set aside the initial idea of a hybrid publication as had been proposed to the SNSF in the original funding proposal for the first phase. The format of a print-like linked PDF, that was originally intended to be published digitally alongside a printed book, has proven to be too rigid. A fully digital edition, on the other hand, has demonstrated the advantage of a much greater flexibility.The approach of the digital edition corresponds to its modular structure. It allows the team to update references across different modules at any point in time during the project, and after its completion, without having to re-edit the modules in question. In order to permit this degree of flexibility in a sustainable form a graph database has been developed as a back-end in cooperation with the Scientific Information Services (SIS) of the ETH Zurich. In contrast to conventional relational databases, graph technologies permit unlimited integration of new connections, corrections, frameworks of analysis, and uses on all levels of the edition. This technology does justice to the range and complexity of the materials in the edition and satisfies the requirement of our editing approach to represent all of the edition modules as facsimile, transcription and reading text and to allow comparisons between all sources. Finally, our graph database permits a high measure of interoperability with comparable editions and other online infrastructures.All the materials corresponding to the first volume of the Style will be available open access online at the end of phase one (published on as a work-in-progress). The discrepancies with the original plan of work are due to the fact that the digital workflow and front- and back-end development demanded a radically different structure of tasks from the one originally planned. The second phase 2021-2024 will bring the works in line with initial schedule by completing the publication of materials corresponding to the second volume of the Style and its immediate predecessor, the Kunstformenlehre manuscript. Digital infrastructure will be developed further during this time building additional functionalities of the front-end. The third phase 2025-2028 envisages the editing of two manuscript convolutes corresponding to a third volume of the Style, which Semper intended, but never published: the drafts of “Comparative Architecture” and the relevant texts of Zurich lectures. The whole project is conceived as a contribution to basic research in the fields of art and architectural history, as well as history of knowledge in the interdisciplinary framework. It is furthermore the ambition of the project to make a contribution to the methodology of digital scholarly editing.