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Syntheses and Inorganic Chemistry Studies of Metallo-Corrinoids Containing Fe, Ni, Rh and Ir For Biomimetic Catalysis

English title Syntheses and Inorganic Chemistry Studies of Metallo-Corrinoids Containing Fe, Ni, Rh and Ir For Biomimetic Catalysis
Applicant Zelder Felix
Number 197358
Funding scheme Project funding
Research institution Institut für Chemie Universität Zürich
Institution of higher education University of Zurich - ZH
Main discipline Inorganic Chemistry
Start/End 01.02.2021 - 31.01.2025
Approved amount 277'009.00
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All Disciplines (2)

Inorganic Chemistry
Nutritional Research, Vitaminology

Keywords (3)

Bioinorganic Chemistry; Vitamin B12; Cobalt

Lay Summary (German)

Vitamin B12 ist ein gut untersuchter, kobalthaltiger Naturstoff, der essentiell für die Funktion bestimmter Enzyme und somit essentiell für den Menschen ist. Im Gegensatz dazu ist über Vitamin B12 Derivate mit anderen Metallen als Kobalt wenig bekannt. Dies liegt unter anderem daran, dass ein chemischer Syntheseweg zu diesen Naturstoffen bislang nicht entwickelt wurde.
Lay summary

Ein übergeordnetes Ziel unserer Forschung ist die Entwicklung, Untersuchung und Anwendung neuartiger Vitamin B12 Derivate. Hierfür soll ein synthetischer Zugang zu dieser Verbindungsklasse entwickelt werden. Es wird erwartet, dass die veränderten physiko-chemischen Eigenschaften zu neuen chemischen Reaktivitäten und Anwendungen dieser Moleküle führen.

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The project `Syntheses and Inorganic Chemistry Studies of Metallo-Corrinoids Containing Fe, Ni, Rh and Ir For Biomimetic Catalysis` proposes the exploitation of novel, purely chemical synthetic routes towards the study of vitamin B12 derivatives containing other metals than cobalt. The research project is based on recent work of my group and will extend these studies towards the evaluation of fundamental physico-chemical properties and catalytic activities of new metallo-corrinoid derivatives. The primary objectives are:•To synthesize and study new metallo-corrinoids with other metals than cobalt •To deepen our understanding why nature combined particular endogenous porphyrinoid ligands with either Fe, Co or Ni•To explore the organometallic chemistry of metbalamin cofactors containing Rh and IrCobalamins combine a corrin macrocycle and a central cobalt ion and catalyse difficult reactions in biological systems. Metallo-corrinoids with other metals such as Ni, Fe, Rh or Ir have been little explored and their catalytic potential is widely unknown. This situation offers ample research opportunities for gaining fundamental knowledge about structurally modified metallo-corrinoids as well as with regard to future applications. This project is based on the chemical synthesis of metal-free corrin macrocycles, the precursors for the synthesis and study of new metallo-corrinoids. The following challenges have to be tackled:•To develop new chemistry toward the synthesis of metbalamins•To understand fundamental physico-chemical properties of this new class of metal-complexes •To explore biomimetic catalytic reactivityMetallo-corrinoids will be developed and their structure, properties and functions will be studied in detail. These investigations will add new impulses to the field of porphyrinoid chemistry.