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Research Semester: Trying out new ideas

Applicant Fromm Katharina M.
Number 192338
Funding scheme Research semester
Research institution Département de Chimie Université de Fribourg
Institution of higher education University of Fribourg - FR
Main discipline Inorganic Chemistry
Start/End 01.01.2020 - 30.06.2020
Approved amount 61'279.00
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Keywords (4)

silver; multiresistant bacteria; sensor; Innosuisse

Lay Summary (German)

Nach 9 Jahren als Forschungsrätin beim Schweizerischen Nationalfonds erlaubt mir dieses Projekt, mich wieder mehr meinen Forschungsprojekten zu widmen.
Lay summary
Ein Forschungsprojekt zum Thema der antimikrobiellen Eigenschaften von Silber und möglicher Resistenz von Bakterien läuft nun seit einem Jahr und erste Ergebnisse müssen publiziert werden.
Ein anderes Projekt betrifft eine chemische Substanz, die z. B. Pestizide und Explosivstoffe nachweisen kann. Hieraus ergeben sich Zusammenarbeiten mit Industrien, und ein Innosuisse-Projekt muss geschrieben werden.
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Lay Summary (English)

After 9 years as a Research Councillor for the SNSF, this project allows me to reconnect more closely with my research activities.
Lay summary
One of my research projects is dealing with the antimicrobial properties of silver and if bacteria can become resistant to it. This project is running since 1 year, and first results that came out of this will need to be published and followed up on.
Another project concerns a chemical sensor able to detect explosives, pesticides and cork taint. This project gave rise to industrial interest and requires the writing up of an Innosuisse proposal.
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Responsible applicant and co-applicants


The research semester will allow me, after 9 years of serving as a Research Councillor for SNSF, to reconnect with my science, to write up research results for publication and to try out new ideas. First results of my Division II project on bioinorganic silver need to be written up. We are studying here the antimicrobial effect of silver and possible resistance aspects. For the silver efflux pump study, we learned how to synthesize large peptides, how to express proteins from E. coli and how to analyze the binding of these peptides and proteins with silver. We will furthermore profit from the collaboration with the NMR experts at the University of Lyon.Another project in my group to push forward into applications is the finding of a cork taint, explosive and pesticide detector. For this, an Innosuisse project needs to be written.