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journal flipping - proof of concept

English title journal flipping - proof of concept
Applicant Blum Philipp
Number 190939
Funding scheme Spark
Research institution Philosophisches Seminar der Universität Luzern
Institution of higher education University of Lucerne - LU
Main discipline Philosophy
Start/End 01.02.2020 - 31.01.2021
Approved amount 96'293.00
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Keywords (4)

digital humanities; Open Access; electronic publishing; philosophy

Lay Summary (German)

journal flipping: dialectica wird Open Access
Lay summary

Die internationale Philosophiezeitschrift "dialectica" soll für alle frei zugänglich werden (sog. "Platinum" Open Access). Dabei sollen die den Artikeln zugrundeliegende Forschungsarbeit, die kritische Auseinandersetzung im "triple blind refereeing" Prozess und die Diskussion der publizierten Artikel der interessierten Öffentlichkeit kostenlos und nutzerfreundlich zugänglich, die bibliographische Information für alle nutzbar und die Erfahrungen der Herausgeberschaft mit der Transition für andere Zeitschriften hilfreich gemacht werden.

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The main aim of the proposed project is to test the possibility of making the established philosophy journal "dialectica" open access, by developing new and innovative ways of digitally presenting scientific research and to develop new models for the open, participatory and productive sharing of the outcomes of scientific work and to generate input, data and proposals for best practice standards for the editing of academically ambitious and internationally recognised Open Access journals of the highest quality. Concretely, the study consists in expanding and transforming in three ways and with respect to three groups of stakeholders in scientific publishing: 1. to readers, to offer a platform to discuss journal articles, responses and replies to them, to make available referee reports and critical discussions, to link journal articles with their genealogy and to offer bibliographic information of high quality; 2. to authors, to make available a repository of information relating to the publication process in general and to the inner workings of the editorial committee of dialectica in particular, to incite an open, critical and informed discussion of publication practices, to offer the opportunity to respond to referee reports and to provide background information; 3. to editors, to establish a network of exchange about editorial practices, Open Access policies, relations to commercial publishers, authorial and editorial misconduct, with a view to establish a common code of best practices. Concretely, the aims are (i) to develop new ways, based on LaTeX and its hyperref-package, to add additional value to pdf documents, in particular with respect to bibliographic information; (ii) to find more attractive ways of presenting scientific content on webpages, in particular if these are read on smartphones; (iii) to create a database of OA-funding possibilities and to demonstrate to other journals, in particular in philosophy and other disciplines of the humanities, the feasibility of going open access.