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4th International Workshop on Clumped Isotopes

English title 4th International Workshop on Clumped Isotopes
Applicant Bernasconi Stefano
Number 154501
Funding scheme Scientific Conferences
Research institution Geologisches Institut ETH Zürich
Institution of higher education ETH Zurich - ETHZ
Main discipline Geochemistry
Start/End 01.08.2014 - 31.10.2014
Approved amount 4'824.50
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All Disciplines (5)

Hydrology, Limnology, Glaciology
Other disciplines of Earth Sciences
Climatology. Atmospherical Chemistry, Aeronomy

Keywords (4)

clumped isotopes; isotope geochemistry; paleotemperatures; mass spectrometry

Responsible applicant and co-applicants

Scientific events


Title Date Place
4th international workshop on clumped isotopes 24.08.2014 Geological Institute ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Associated projects

Number Title Start Funding scheme
160046 Clumped Isotope Thermometry in burial diagenetic systems - part 2: new constraints on the kinetics of 13C-18O bond reordering from contact metamorphic aureoles of magmatic intrusions 01.04.2015 Project funding
147674 STALCLIM II - Multi-proxy climatic and environmental reconstructions from stalagmites from Switzerland, Turkey, Arabia and India 01.01.2014 Sinergia
143485 Application of Clumped Isotope Thermometry to burial diagenetic and low temperature hydrothermal systems. 01.02.2013 Project funding
115934 Multidisciplinary study of continental/ocean climate dynamics using high-resolution records from the eastern mediterranean (MOCCHA) 01.04.2008 Project funding (special)
160377 Glacial-interglacial temperature changes based on clumped isotopes in foraminifera from the Mediterranean Sea. 01.01.2015 International short research visits
134987 Multidisciplinary study Of Continental/ocean Climate dynamics using High-resolution records from the eastern mediterraneAn (MOCCHA): Part 2 01.04.2011 Project funding