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L'implication de la localisation polaire BASL dans la division cellulaire asymétrique

English title The role of BASL polar localization in asymmetric cell division.
Applicant Alassimone Julien
Number 142757
Funding scheme Fellowships for prospective researchers
Research institution
Institution of higher education Institution abroad - IACH
Main discipline Cellular Biology, Cytology
Start/End 01.03.2013 - 28.02.2014
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Keywords (6)

Arabidopsis thaliana; Stomata; BASL; Asymmetric cell division; Polarity; Cell development

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Active participation

Title Type of contribution Title of article or contribution Date Place Persons involved
Cell Molecular Biology annual retreat Poster Following new directions to understand the role of BASL in asymmetric cell divisions 16.09.2013 Pacific Grove, California, United States of America Alassimone Julien;


Title Year
EMBO Long-Term Fellowship for the continuation on my project (March 2014-Feb 2015). 2014
faculty prize of Lausanne University for my Ph.D work "Molecular dissection of Arabidopsis thaliana endodermis development, structure and function" 2013

Associated projects

Number Title Start Funding scheme
158432 Etudier la relation entre polarité et devenir cellulaire en utilisant un modèle développemental adéquat. 01.03.2015 Advanced Postdoc.Mobility