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NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials: Center for Bio-Inspired Stimuli-Responsive Materials (phase I)

Applicant Weder Christoph
Number 141849
Funding scheme National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCRs)
Research institution Polymer Chemistry and Materials Adolphe Merkle Institute Université de Fribourg
Institution of higher education University of Fribourg - FR
Main discipline Material Sciences
Start/End 01.06.2014 - 31.05.2018
Approved amount 12'015'719.00
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All Disciplines (7)

Material Sciences
Physical Chemistry
Experimental Cancer Research
Condensed Matter Physics
Cellular Biology, Cytology
Organic Chemistry
Theoretical Physics

Keywords (7)

Bio-Inspired; Stimuli-Responsive; Materials; Polymers; Nanomaterials; Self-Assembly; Biomedical Applications

Responsible applicant and co-applicants

Associated projects

Number Title Start Funding scheme
169074 Hyperuniformity and random forces in disordered condensed matter 01.01.2017 Project funding
149867 Disordered soft materials: from dense emulsions to photonic materials design 01.10.2013 Project funding
188494 Soft condensed matter with correlated disorder 01.01.2020 Project funding
182881 NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials: Using Concepts from Nature to Create ‚Smart' Materials (phase II) 01.06.2018 National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCRs)
183293 Single Crystal Diffraction: Dual System 01.09.2019 R'EQUIP
159977 Patchy Particles and Surfaces: Characterization and Applications 01.09.2015 Project funding
156871 Understanding the interaction of nanoparticles with B lymphocytes in vitro and in vivo 01.02.2015 Project funding
182317 HMGB1 and Gasdermin D: intratumoral targets to improve the response to cancer immunotherapy 01.01.2019 Project funding
161565 A supramolecular approach to mechanically resistant adhesives with on-demand debonding characteristics 01.01.2016 precoR
171106 Anisotropic particles at fluid interfaces: their interfacial properties and assembly. 01.10.2016 International short research visits
164090 Request for an Electron Detection Camera 01.01.2016 R'EQUIP
184280 From the fields to functional materials: bio-renewable polymers from the iron weed plant 01.08.2019 Early Postdoc.Mobility
159847 Towards a fundamental understanding of nanoparticle exocytosis from cells 01.10.2015 Project funding
199067 Bio-inspired Compositionally Graded Membranes with Directional Water Transport Characteristics 01.08.2021 SPIRIT
172927 Biocatalytic Controlled Radical Polymerizations: Elucidating the Chemical Principles and Applying Advanced Polymerization Methods 01.10.2017 SNSF Professorships
159874 Polyelectrolytes near like-charged substrates in the presence of multivalent ions 01.06.2015 Project funding
172619 Stimuli-Responsive Supramolecular Polymers 01.04.2017 Project funding
156372 RLR/TLR combination therapy: Mechanisms of T-cell recruitment into gastric tumors 01.06.2015 Project funding
192056 Long-term fate of internalized nanoparticles in macrophages 01.09.2020 Project funding
157752 Microchip-based flow cell sorting in biomedicine and material sciences 01.05.2015 R'EQUIP
152968 Stimuli-Responsive Metal-Containing Polymers 01.04.2014 Project funding
183651 Scale-dependent active microrheology of soft materials by studying driven motion of microbeads 01.10.2019 Japan