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Maintenance and Operation for the LHC experiments at CERN

English title Maintenance and Operation for the LHC experiments at CERN
Applicant Straumann Ulrich
Number 125293
Funding scheme FORCE / CERN
Research institution Physik-Institut Universität Zürich
Institution of higher education University of Zurich - ZH
Main discipline Particle Physics
Start/End 01.04.2009 - 31.03.2010
Approved amount 800'000.00
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Keywords (12)

LHC Experiments; ATLAS; Higgs; Supersymmetry; CP Violation; new physics; standard model; CMS; LHCb; CERN; LHC; Large Hadron Collider

Lay Summary (German)

Lay summary
Der neue Beschleuniger LHC wurde im Herbst 2008 am CERN erstmals in Betrieb genommen, für einen stabilen Betrieb werden im Moment noch verschiedene Verbesserungen vorgenommen. Die Schweizer Teilchenphysiker haben in den letzten 15 Jahren zur Entwicklung und Bau dreier grosser Detektoren am LHC beigetragen, die die vom Beschleuniger produzierten bekannten und neuen Teilchen nachweisen und vermessen. Dieses Gesuch enthält den Schweizer Beitrag zu Unterhalt und Betrieb dieser drei Detektoren.
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The new large hadron collider (LHC) at CERN will start its operation in spring 2009, colliding protons with a centre of mass energy of 14 TeV.In an enormous effort over more than 15 years the world-wide particle physicist community has designed, developed, constructed and installed four detectors, in order to exploit the physics at the TeV scale, which will shed light on the nature of electro-weak symmetry breaking and where supersymmetric particles or extra spacial dimensions may be discovered. Switzerland significantly contributed to three of those experiments.CERN in his role as the host laboratory of the LHC accelerator supports also the experiments designed to measure the reaction products at the interaction regions of LHC. However, CERN requests the funding agencies involved in the detector investments to contribute to the daily running and maintenance expenses. In addition each institute, which has contributed to sub-detectors or to other components of an experiment is expected to provide the necessary scientific and technical manpower to operate that component and maintain it in good working order for the whole lifetime of the experiment of about 10 years.This document summarises the Swiss contributions to the three LHC detector's design, construction, commissioning and operation. It explains CERN's concept of maintenance and operation and gives an overview of the expected costs, which Switzerland is supposed to contribute.