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Swift-WAN: System support for distributed dynamic content Web services

English title Swift-WAN: System support for distributed dynamic content Web services
Applicant Pedone Fernando
Number 121931
Funding scheme Project funding
Research institution Istituto di sistemi informatici (SYS) Facoltà di scienze informatiche
Institution of higher education Università della Svizzera italiana - USI
Main discipline Information Technology
Start/End 01.02.2009 - 31.01.2011
Approved amount 95'770.00
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Keywords (8)

large-scale distributed systems; group communication; data replication; web caching; database replication; large-scale systems; disaster recovery; fault tolerance

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
Many current web services are based on dynamic content. Users connect to a web site and receive customized information, for example, depending on the request parameters as well as the users’ preferences and access patterns. Typically, a dynamic content web site is located at a single geographic site and the information is stored in a database. There is a need to scale these systems and increase their availability using replication across a geographically-distributed wide-area network. In such a replicated system, requests execute on “nearby” replicas, thereby avoiding long roundtrip delays, and distributing the load over the replicas. Moreover, if the nearby site becomes inaccessible, clients are transparently switched to other replicas. The goal of Swift is to design and implement a scalable and highly-available database replication middleware to be used as the underlying infrastructure of modern dynamic content web services.
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