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Formalisation et sens du projet architectural

English title Formalization and meaning of the architectural project
Applicant Pellegrino Pierre
Number 120593
Funding scheme Interdisciplinary projects
Research institution Département de géographie et environnement Université de Genève
Institution of higher education University of Geneva - GE
Main discipline Architecture and Social urban science
Start/End 01.05.2008 - 31.10.2010
Approved amount 409'095.00
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All Disciplines (3)

Architecture and Social urban science
Information Technology

Keywords (11)

classification; composition; processus; Architecture; mathematics; semiotics; artificial intelligence; ontology; language; rules; models

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary

The objective is here on the one hand to develop a formalization of the architectural conception and on the other hand to work out computer tools of assistance to architectural design. For that, the research will relate to the articulation between the sciences of architecture, the semiotics of space, the mathematical sciences, and the computer sciences. It is thus a question to offer a computer-aided system of inference appropriate to the architectural process of composition.

The objectives to achieve are:

1.The development of an ontology of the architectural concepts which are necessary to a formalization. This ontology will have to be as neutral as possible, i.e. to be multi-points of view, so as not to reflect only the point of view of a single architect, but all the authorized view-points of the Masters of architecture.
2.The definition of languages (textual and/or graphic) allowing one (meta-) architect to define:
•topological and/or geometrical constraints that a project must satisfy •measurements of the quality of a project (for example the number of symmetry axes, the degree of a graph, and so on).
The goal is to provide a language to formalize an architecture, a principle, a form, a style, through a set of concepts, constraints and quality measurements.
3.The creation of a set of (mathematical) algorithms to generate possible plans starting from a graph, constraints and (mathematical) quality measurements:
Ideally the algorithms should generate the best possible plans, but it is known that such algorithms either do not exist or would require unrealistic computing times.
That is why we rather attempt to create algorithms which are part of an interactive system. The role of the algorithms will be to propose solutions (plans) or to evaluate quality and conformity with the constraints of a plan.
4.The development of a prototype information management system for the architectural project:
Such a system will have to take into account:
•The management of the successive states of a project •The release of the algorithms of generation and evaluation •The management of the constraints and measurements (to make it possible to modify, activate or deactivate them in the process of project, for example, so as to break with the initial style).

The system of project will bring a better knowledge and a better control of the process of production and measurement of the architectural form.
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