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TOPOALPS - 4D kinematics of the Neogene western Alps (IP2)

English title TOPOALPS - 4D kinematics of the Neogene western Alps (IP2)
Applicant Mancktelow Neil S.
Number 120502
Funding scheme Project funding (special)
Research institution Geologisches Institut ETH Zürich
Institution of higher education ETH Zurich - ETHZ
Main discipline Geology
Start/End 01.06.2008 - 31.05.2011
Approved amount 500'983.00
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Keywords (7)

topography; uplift; exhumation; kinematics; structural geology; geochnonology; 3-D modelling

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
This is an Individual Project (IP) within the European Science Foundation Collaborative Research Project (CRP) entitled “TOPOAlps - The Topographic History of the Alps and its Tectonic and Climatic Drivers”. This IP should establish a kinematic framework for the central and western Alps through time, thereby providing fundamental constraints for models of the Neogene topographic evolution of the Alps. The IP will operate in close cooperation with the IP of K. Stüwe (University of Graz, Austria), with his group concentrating on the eastern Alps and ours on the central and western Alps. The specific aims of this project are to:(a) synthesize (with GIS, 3D Geomodeller) and expand (with field work in critical locations) the truly 3D Neogene kinematics of the western Alps and compare and contrast it to the kinematics of the eastern Alps over the same period;(b) establish time markers (the 4th dimension) to allow regional correlation of the kinematics and to establish rates of movement (i.e. the regional 3D velocity field through time), information that is critical for determining the boundary conditions and constraining numerical models of topographic evolution in the Alps;(c) reconstruct paleogeographic templates at specific time slices (in collaboration with co-workers in the framework of TOPO-Alps), showing the active tectonic faults and associated interpreted 3D velocity field;(d) specifically investigate the two most important regional structures influencing Neogene kinematics, erosion and topography in the western Alps (the Periadriatic Fault system and the Simplon Fault zone) and in particular the development of the highest topography in Europe (Mt Blanc massif), which is closely associated in time and space with the SW continuation of the Simplon Fault zone.
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