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Training in molecular biologySwiss committee for molecular biology (SKMB)

English title Training in molecular biologySwiss committee for molecular biology (SKMB)
Applicant Mauch Felix
Number 119109
Funding scheme Project funding (Div. I-III)
Research institution Département de Biologie Faculté des Sciences Université de Fribourg
Institution of higher education University of Fribourg - FR
Main discipline Molecular Biology
Start/End 01.04.2008 - 30.06.2011
Approved amount 150'000.00
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Keywords (3)

Postgraduate Training; Workshops; Practical Courses

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
Plant diseases are a constant threat to agricultural production and are largely controlled by massive application of pesticides. The long-term goal of our research is to find ways to protect plants based on a better understanding of their interaction with pathogens. Plants are not defenseless victims of pathogens but have the potential to fight back by using preformed and inducible defenses that collectively form an innate immune system similar to animals. The success of a pathogen in causing disease depends on how fast a plant can activate disease resistance responses and whether or not a pathogen succeeds in disarming components of the plant immune response. Many pathogens manipulate their host plant via pathogen-encoded effector proteins that are translocated into host cells to suppress plant immune responses. Hence, disease susceptibility is not just a passive process but results from the active delivery of a sophisticated tool set of effectors that interfere with host defense responses. We are interested in the interaction of plants with the oomycete pathogen Phytophthora that causes agriculturally important diseases in many plant species including the infamous late blight disease of potato. Oomycetes contain a large group of effector proteins that are characterised by a conserved RxLR-motif. The aim of our project is to gain a better insight into the function of RxLR-effectors using the interaction of Arabidopsis with Phytophthora brassicae as a model pathosystem. Our experiments aim to learn more about the regulation of expression and the delivery system of RxLR-effectors and to identify their molecular targets in the host plant. An improved knowledge of RxLR-effector biology is central for understanding and ultimately controlling diseases caused by Phytophthora and other oomycete pathogens.
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