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Interdisciplinary research at International Space Science Institute (ISSI)

English title Interdisciplinary research at International Space Science Institute (ISSI)
Applicant von Steiger Rudolf
Number 117833
Funding scheme Research Infrastructure
Research institution International Space Science Institute (ISSI)
Institution of higher education Other Research Institutes - FINST
Main discipline Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Sciences
Start/End 01.10.2007 - 30.09.2010
Approved amount 480'000.00
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Space Science

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
ISSI is an Institute of Advanced Studies. Its main function is to achieve a deeper understanding of the results from space-research missions, ground-based observations and laboratory experiments, adding value to those results through multidisciplinary research in an atmosphere of international cooperation.
The scientific program of ISSI is primarily focused on solar system sciences. This includes topics related to the Sun and its atmosphere, the heliosphere, cosmic rays, the local interstellar cloud, the magnetosphere of the Earth and other planets, comets, meteorites, and dust, as well as planetary science. Moreover, implications of measurements in the solar system to astrophysics and cosmology on the one hand and to Earth sciences on the other are also part of the program. In recent years specific efforts have been made to strengthen ISSI’s involvement in solar-terrestrial relations, in astrobiology, and in Earth sciences from space.
The apparent diversity of topics addressed at ISSI is intimately linked together by numerous connections and interrelations, as implied by the word “interdisciplinary” in the title. Among them are: Often, identical or simi-lar physical or chemical processes occur at different sites or bodies in the solar system and the galaxy (e.g., magnetic reconnection), or the same methods (theoretical or experimental) are applicable in different contexts. It is these interconnections that are most strongly pursued in the ISSI program. ISSI is at its best when it brings together communities that do not otherwise have a platform to talk to each other and when addresses themes also outside the mainstream.
The working tools of ISSI fall into two categories: Workshops and Working Groups on the one hand and International Teams on the other. Workshops and Working Groups are organised by ISSI on topics chosen by the directorate in consultation with the Science Committee and with other advisors. The size of workshops is limited so as to maximise the interaction among the participants. On the other hand, International Teams are proposed from the scientific community at large in reply to a regular call and selected after a peer review process, again involving the Science Committee and other external advisers. The role of ISSI scientists is that of a catalyser by actively participating in the workshops and in many of the international teams.
The products of the scientific projects are published in one of the ISSI book series (in the case of workshops and working groups) or in the general scientific literature, i.e. in international, peer-reviewed journals (in the case of International Teams).
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