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uMove: Interaction through motion for ubiquitous computing systems

English title uMove: Interaction through motion for ubiquitous computing systems
Applicant Hirsbrunner Béat
Number 116355
Funding scheme Project funding (Div. I-III)
Research institution Département d'Informatique Université de Fribourg
Institution of higher education University of Fribourg - FR
Main discipline Fluid Dynamics
Start/End 01.07.2007 - 30.06.2010
Approved amount 145'453.00
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Keywords (11)

Ubiquitous computing; Human-computer interaction; Context-awareness; Location awareness; Motion tracking; Interaction Design; Motion; Middleware; Unobtrusiveness; Activity-Theory; Situation-Theory

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
Ubiquitous Computing Systems are highly embedded in the environment and made of heterogeneous interconnected computing devices. User interaction with this type of systems is supposed to be unobtrusive and not demanding focus of attention on a single task and a single device. Rather interaction takes place by exploiting the affordances of objects that can be found in the physical environment. We propose a new model of interaction based on particular user’s context features, namely location and motion. We call this new type of interfaces, Kinetic User Interfaces (KUI). The main goal of KUI is to enable embodied interaction with the environment through objects and users location-awareness and motion tracking. The Kinetic interfaces are supposed to be unobtrusive and invisible thus not requiring the user full attention. User’s activities rather than user’s tasks are observed, and the system will take care of detecting user’s intentions and anomalous behaviours. Implicit input and distributed output will be supported. We provide a semantic model of KUI as well as software components to be plugged into a standard Ubicomp middleware architecture. The KUI will be validated within two applications requiring the necessary degree of unobtrusiveness that KUI is supposed to provide.
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