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Die schweizerische Kriminalpolitik im Kontext transnationaler Wissenschaftsbeziehungen (1890-1920)

English title Swiss criminal policy and international science relations (1890-1920)
Applicant Germann Urs
Number 115306
Funding scheme Fellowships for advanced researchers
Research institution
Max-Planck-Institut Europäische Rechtsgeschichte
Institute of Criminology University of Cambridge
Institution of higher education Institution abroad - IACH
Main discipline Legal sciences
Start/End 01.07.2007 - 30.09.2008
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Keywords (6)

History of European penal law; Penal law reform mouvement in 19th/20th century; transnational science relations; History of criminal policy in 19th/20th century; penal reform movement; international science networks

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary

This project examines the emergence of Swiss criminal policy in late 19th century as a part of the international penal reform movement. For the first times, it takes systematically into account the international character of Swiss penal reform, which culminated in the enactment of the first nationwide penal code in 1937. From the very beginning Swiss lawyers were highly influenced by the discussions on penal reform on the international level, especially within the International Association of Criminal Law. On the other hand, form the 1890s onwards, the system of double track, originally developed in Switzerland and combining ordinary punishments and security measures, served as a model for legislation in other European countries, especially in Germany. By analyzing the interplay of these different levels, contexts and networks on the basis of contemporary publications and archival sources the project makes an effort for a deeper understanding of penal reform as a complex process, which finally led to a new form of penality entailing subsequent redefinitions of formerly well established demarcations: international networks of science and national legal frameworks, criminal policy and legislation, formal criminal procedure and penitentiary institutions as well as penal and administrative law.

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