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Characterization and molecular identification of egg polarity genes in Zebrafish

English title Characterization and molecular identification of egg polarity genes in Zebrafish
Applicant Dosch Roland
Number 113352
Funding scheme Project funding (Div. I-III)
Research institution Département de Génétique et Evolution Faculté des Sciences Université de Genève
Institution of higher education University of Geneva - GE
Main discipline Genetics
Start/End 01.01.2007 - 31.03.2010
Approved amount 227'000.00
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All Disciplines (2)

Embryology, Developmental Biology

Keywords (6)

vertebrate; genetics; polarity; egg; embryo; zebrafish

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
The formation of gametes, eggs and sperm, is critical for the propagation of a species. Gametes are totipotent cells, since their progeny will form all tissues of an organism. Moreover, gametes are an immortal cell line, since their descendants will form new gametes in the next generation.
Female gametes are formed during oogenesis, which prepares the egg for fertilization and provides essential gene products for early embryogenesis. Defects in oogenesis lead to sterility and are the most frequent genetic cause of human developmental defects such as Down syndrom.
Our goal is to identify and molecularly characterize genes controlling oogenesis in vertebrates using the zebrafish, Danio rerio, as a model organism. The zebrafish combines a number of suitable properties for research, which we exploited to isolate a number of mutations in key genes of oogenesis. Currently we identify and characterize these genes, which will help us to understand vertebrate oogenesis. The long-term aim of our research is to apply the knowledge about zebrafish oogenesis to humans and to study the implication of the homologous genes in defects of human fertility and development.
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