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Multiparametric flow cytometry and cell sorting for microbiology

English title Multiparametric flow cytometry and cell sorting for microbiology
Applicant van der Meer Jan Roelof
Number 113183
Funding scheme R'EQUIP
Research institution Département de Microbiologie Fondamentale Faculté de Biologie et de Médecine Université de Lausanne
Institution of higher education University of Lausanne - LA
Main discipline Experimental Microbiology
Start/End 01.08.2006 - 31.07.2007
Approved amount 194'608.00
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Keywords (6)

flow cytometry; cell sorting; mutant analysis; population heterogeneity; multiparametric detection; autofluorescent proteins

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
Multiparametric flow cytometry allows the detection of various different physiological, genetic or phenotypic markers on individual cells in a bacterial population simultaneously, precisely and at high speeds when passing through a capillary and illuminated by a set of different laser wa-ve-lengths. Advanced detectors and versatile informatic tools help to analyse the occurrence of subpopulations within the sample. Finally, fluorescence assisted cell sorting permits singeling out subpopulations or individual cells in an analysed population and physically separate them into sterile vials, flasks or on cultivation plates. The instrument is available for research groups primarily in microbiology laboratories. Individuals can be trained on the instrument, or in case of a few samples, those will be processed as a service by our Department. Research that was carried out so far on the FACS Aria concentrated on transcription activator mutant selection, analysis of heterogeneities in bacterial populations scavenging for food, rapid analysis of pollutant toxic effects in bacterioplankton communities, understanding of antibiotic susceptibility in pathogenic bacteria, understanding of pathogenicity and signaling in Candida albicans and gene expression in individual cells of plant growth promoting bacteria on roots.
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