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The genomics of development

English title The genomics of development
Applicant Rodriguez Ivan
Number 112956
Funding scheme Scientific Conferences
Research institution Département de Génétique et Evolution Faculté des Sciences Université de Genève
Institution of higher education University of Geneva - GE
Main discipline Embryology, Developmental Biology
Start/End 01.08.2006 - 31.01.2007
Approved amount 10'000.00
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Embryology, Developmental Biology

Keywords (3)

development; developmental biology; genomics

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
The 2006 Arolla meeting brought together scientists from around the globe to discuss how genomic scale analyses can enhance progress in understanding developmental biology.The past five years have seen the release of the sequenced genomes of some of the major model organisms used in developmental biology and of an ever increasing number of genomic technologies, which allow the study of a gene's expression, regulation, and function at the level of the entire genome. By bringing together people who are using new genomic strategies or emerging model organisms, the Arolla meeting “Genomics of Development” aimed to assess how this fusion of genomics and developmental biology will possibly change our conceptual understanding of developmental processes. This meeting reported highlights particularly nice examples in which “new approaches” to address “old questions” have been successfully used to increase our understanding of development and evolution.Topics discussed included large-scale functional genomic screens, gene regulation and genome architecture, transcriptional networks, miRNAs, genetic basis of complex traits, and molecular clocks at different scales.As could be seen from the diverse range of high calibre talks and posters, genomic resources are being put to good use to both speed up and extend the spectrum of research in developmental biology. The integration of genomic and genetic approaches to identify and characterize new genes is becoming more and more common. More exciting was the perception of a conceptual shift from using genomic approaches for single gene discovery to an integrated global view of entire pathways and networks. The future challenge is to utilize the information inherent in genomic approaches, to move from qualitative, descriptive network representations, toward quantitative, predictive models. The use of genetics to test and learn from these predictions will further strength the fusion between genomics and development in the coming years.This is an excerp of a report by F. Spitz and E. Furlong reporting the meeting ( Dev. Cell,11,4, 451-457).
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