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Climatic changes, tree-ring growth and C- and O-isotope variations along longitudinal transects in Siberia and in the Urals

English title Climatic changes, tree-ring growth and C- and O-isotope variations along longitudinal transects in Siberia and in the Urals
Applicant Saurer Matthias
Number 111134
Funding scheme SCOPES
Research institution Bereich Allgemeine Energieforschung Paul Scherrer Institut
Institution of higher education Paul Scherrer Institute - PSI
Main discipline Environmental Research
Start/End 01.11.2005 - 31.03.2009
Approved amount 69'000.00
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All Disciplines (3)

Environmental Research
Climatology. Atmospherical Chemistry, Aeronomy

Keywords (5)

Tree-ring structure; Isotopes; Climatic changes; Longitudinal transect; Siberia

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
Global climate change will alter the species composition of boreal forests with tremendous consequences for biogeochemistry of carbon and nitrogen cycles, sustainability of economic development and even human health. One of the ways to predict future shifts in spatial distribution of tree species is to evaluate the response of vegetation to climate changes in the past.
We propose to investigate the climate effect on tree-radial growth along the Siberian IGBP-transect (IGBP - International Geosphere-BiosphereProgram) and longitudinal transect in the Urals using novel approaches and techniques of dendroecology. Tree-ring structure variability of conifers will be studied in different vegetation zones of Middle Siberia (from the forest-tundra zone in the north through northern, middle and south taiga regions to the forest-steppe zone in the south). In addition to tree-ring width and maximum latewood density widely used in dendro-science, cell structure parameters and isotope data will be used. This innovative approach of combining several tree-ring parameters will result in a deeper understanding of past processes and the response of the trees to the changing environment. All the data will be analyzed in the context of recent regional and global changes.
The project will a) enhance our understanding of the dependence of radial growth in different conifers growing under different conditions along the temperature gradient, b) facilitate more realistic predictions of the shift in species composition of forests in response to Global Climate Change and c) strengthen the collaboration between Swiss and Russian researchers in forest and tree-ring sciences.
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