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Research and education using neutron scattering experiments (RENSE)

English title Research and education using neutron scattering experiments (RENSE)
Applicant Mesot Joël
Number 110849
Funding scheme SCOPES
Research institution Paul Scherrer Institut
Institution of higher education Paul Scherrer Institute - PSI
Main discipline Condensed Matter Physics
Start/End 01.10.2005 - 30.09.2008
Approved amount 85'000.00
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Keywords (4)

neutron scattering; magnetism; intermetallics; structure determination

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
The present Institutional Partnership (IP) project continues joint international efforts to get young people (of the NIS countries) interested and involved in science again. A few years ago the leading scientists of the NIS partners of the present IP came to the conclusion that the number of post-graduated students and young scientists in their laboratories is approaching a critically low value. An idea to use the IP mechanism to improve the situation has met enthusiastic approval of the Swiss partners and has been supported by the SCOPES IP project ERAM 7IP65598 (2001 - 2003), the main goal of which was to motivate young people of the NIS countries to continue their post-graduate scientific work. This goal was successfully achieved, as described in the ERAM Final Report. The whole team of young scientists involved in the former IP-project decided to join the NIS partners' laboratories manifesting thus a breakthrough in the "young generation problem", the significance of which cannot be overestimated. A common benefit for all the participants is connected with the scientific results obtained in the frame of the project. The partners consider the IP as an extremely effective instrument of long-term scientific and technical international cooperation of multiplicative orientation. Taking into account the positive results of the previous ERAM project, the present IP project uses similar basic instruments to achieveits goals. Therefore, the present IP project includes:•An educational component, consisting of "Lectures for basic concepts andmethods in neutron scattering" and lectures on selected "hot topics" in condensed matter physics;•A program of basic research, the results of which are potentiallyattractive for practical applications,•A mobility scheme (short-term visits to foreign laboratories, jointexperiments, meetings, specialized schools) as a key instrument to achieve the goals of the IP;•The development of new forms and plans for further scientificco-operation;•The development of teaching/research infrastructure of the NISparticipants.The IP focuses first on its educational component. The lectures on neutron scattering and selected "hot topics" in condensed matter physics aim at increasing the scientific outlook of all the participants. These specialized lectures are planned to accompany all the activities in the framework of the IP.A programme of scientific and technical collaboration between the partners is based on the common interest to explore neutron scattering in studying i) crystal and magnetic structures as well as other physical properties of intermetallic compounds based on rare-earth and 3d-transition metals and their hydrides; ii) interstitial alloys of transition metals (carbides, nitrides, oxycarbides, carbidehydrides,carbidenitrides) as well as intercalated compounds such as titanium dichalcogenides. The potential significance of the expected results is determined by the twofold orientation of the project. On the one hand, new experimental information on a location of the interstitial or intercalated atoms and on structural and magnetic phase transitions, which would help to understand the mechanism responsible for the unusual properties of the systems under study, particularly for magnetism of metal hydrides. On the other hand, the results of the project promise to put forward novel hydrogen storage materials needed for the development of hydrogen as a fuel.
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