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Cross-effects between below- and aboveground multitrophic interactions

English title Cross-effects between below- and aboveground multitrophic interactions
Applicant Turlings Théodoor
Number 107974
Funding scheme Project funding
Research institution Institut de Zoologie Faculté des Sciences Université de Neuchâtel
Institution of higher education University of Neuchatel - NE
Main discipline Ecology
Start/End 01.07.2005 - 30.09.2008
Approved amount 335'000.00
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Keywords (6)

tri-trophic interactions; indirect plant defence; parasitoids; entomopathogenic nematodes; synomones; host searching

Lay Summary (English)

Lay summary
We study the chemical signals that plants emit when they are attacked by insect herbivores and how natural enemies of the herbivores use these signals as foraging cues. The research aims to unravel the mechanisms of these so-called tritrophic interactions and to use this knowledge to study their ecological consequences and evolutionary history, but also to develop novel methods to exploit the plant-produced signals for the control of agricultural pests.
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