Open Data Policy

As part of its remit to inform the general public of its research funding activities, the SNSF allows interested parties to access its open data. Use of the SNSF’s open data is subject to the conditions below. The Disclaimer applicable to access to the, and P3 sites also applies here.

Online content and responsibility

Open (freely accessible) data belonging to the SNSF is presented in a format that allows interested users to carry out in-depth analysis in relation to the information on the research funding activities of the SNSF.

The open data of the SNSF is made available to users free of charge in a structured format so that it can be visualised, processed or combined by these users. The SNSF provides, by way of indication, information regarding the use of the data and its limitations.

Although great care is taken to ensure that the information distributed through this site is accurate, the SNSF can assume no responsibility for the accuracy, precision, currency, reliability and integrity of the information published through this open data portal. The SNSF rejects all responsibility in the case of errors, omissions and faults or gaps, of any type, in relation to the published data. It is emphasised that grant holders themselves are responsible for the content of the data that they supply to the SNSF.

Downloading, printing or storage of open data from the SNSF is allowed. If any of this data is published, the source must be cited explicitly.

Processing of open data from the SNSF is allowed. Under no circumstances will the SNSF respond to the results of the use and publication of data reprocessed by third parties. Such third parties must clearly indicate that their compilation of the data is their own work. They must make clear that the result of the data processing has neither been confirmed nor validated by the SNSF.

The SNSF expressly reserves the right to modify the content of this open data offer, in full or in part, or to delete it or temporarily suspend its distribution, at any time and without prior notice.

The SNSF cannot be held responsible for any damage that may have been caused by access to the information or by its use or non-use, by misuse of the connection or by technical problems.

Data protection

The open data of the SNSF contains publicly accessible personal data aimed at providing transparency for the tax payer, in compliance with the relevant applicable laws and regulations. Published personal data is subject to specific rules in respect of data protection, which in particular prohibit any misuse thereof. Therefore, the SNSF is not allowed to sell the personal data provided by researchers in the research funding process or to exploit the information for commercial purposes.

The open data that is made accessible by the SNSF as part of the organisation’s remit to inform the public is likely to be processed by users in various ways. In certain circumstances that are linked to strengthening public information, the processing of the SNSF’s open data for commercial purposes may be permitted by the SNSF on request. This may happen, for example, if the SNSF’s data is reprocessed in such a way as to add value to the underlying information. Any data processing project in this respect must be the subject of a written request submitted to the SNSF. In any case, the user must abide by all legal data protection requirements.

The SNSF takes steps in close cooperation with its hosts to protect its databases against external intruders, loss, misuse and corruption to the greatest possible extent.

References and links

The SNSF is not responsible for references and links to other Internet sites. Visitors access and use these sites at their own risk. The SNSF hereby expressly declares that it has no influence on the form, content and offers of the sites that it references. The information and services offered by these sites are entirely the responsibility of their owners.

Legal validity of this disclaimer

Should parts or formulations in this text no longer be, or not be entirely, compliant with current statutory provisions, the remainder of the document will remain valid.

The SNSF expressly reserves the right to amend these provisions at any time. The version published on the Internet is the valid version. It is up to the users of the SNSF open data website to keep themselves informed about any changes made from one version to the next.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

In case of disagreements arising in relation to the use of the SNSF open data website, Swiss law shall apply exclusively. The place of jurisdiction shall be Berne.