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Förderung der universitären Ausbildung zum biologischen Landbau in Südosteuropa

Type of publication Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Proceedings (peer-reviewed)
Publication date 2015
Author Bieber A. Nikolic A. Velagic Habul E. Manolov I. Stoeva A. Shehu J. Maci A. Sylanaj S.,
Project Advancing training and teaching of organic agriculture in South-East Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Hungary)
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Proceedings (peer-reviewed)

Title of proceedings Beiträge zur 13. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau
Place Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde, Germany


Advancing and enhancing academic education on organic agriculture in South-eastern Europe The demand for organic products is increasing worldwide. South-Eastern European countries have a very good potential for organic agriculture growth. Nevertheless, they lack basic knowledge of organic agriculture (OA). Enhancement of academic education in OA for young agricultural professionals was the core aim of this project. Main outputs are the development of lecture material on OA at BSc. level in English and languages relevant to participating countries, establishment of an e-learning tool suitable to the needs of participating universities and ensuring the long-term availability of project outputs via an internet platform.