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Editors (non peer-reviewed)

Editor , Kuhn Elmar; , Krienke Markus
ISBN 978-3-9504486-1-0


Recently the traditional forms of inter-faith dialogue are showing characteristic weaknesses. They are based on traditional forms of exchange of political, sociological and theological traditions. But in the civil society new conflicts are emerging, either on the regional either on the global level. Hardly they can be resolved with a theoretical arrangement of the interreligious dialogue. Without diminuishing its importance, this volume is facing the new dimension of religious conflicts, which are practical and emerge in the concrete contexts of cohabitation and social coexistence. In this sense we are facing an analog situation to the early modernity in Europe: the social and political reality of religious conflicts seek for perspectives to which the theoretical reflection does not reach. In this sense, the Conference of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts which was hold on March 31st till April 2nd in Lugano faced two new topoi, which are able to cope with the new situation: civil society and mysticism.