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Reconstruction of historical noise exposure data for environmental epidemiology in Switzerland within the SiRENE project

Publikationsart Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Originalbeitrag (peer-reviewed)
Autor/in Karipidis Ioannis, Vienneau Danielle, Habermacher Manuel, Köpfli Mischa, Brink Mark, Probst-Hensch Nicole, Röösli Martin, Wunderlin Jean-Marc,
Projekt Transportation noise, annoyance, sleep and cardiometabolic risk: an integrated approach on short- and long-term effects
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Originalbeitrag (peer-reviewed)

Zeitschrift Noise Mapping
Volume (Issue) 1
Seite(n) 3 - 14
Titel der Proceedings Noise Mapping
DOI 10.2478

Open Access

OA-Form Zeitschrift


In 2014 the three-year interdisciplinary study SiRENE (Short and Long Term Eects of Trac Noise Exposure) was launched in Switzerland. The goal of SiRENE is to investigate acute, short- and long-term eects of road, railway and aircraft noise exposure on annoyance, sleep disturbances and cardio-metabolic risk. The study is based on a detailed Swiss-wide assessment of transportation noise exposure, including diurnal distributions. The exposure analysis comprises current as well as historical exposure calculations for up to 20 years in the past. We present the major challenges of compiling sucient data to support a Swiss-wide model for all buildings and including all transport infrastructure as a basis for the subsequent SiRENE sound exposure analysis for the years 2011, 2001 and 1991. The task is particularly challenging for the early years due to poor data quality and/or lack of availability. We address the integration of geo-referenced input datasets from various sources and time periods, the assignment of trac noise exposure from façade points to dwelling units, as well as the processing of trac information and statistics. Preliminary results of the noise exposure calculations are presented.