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Marangoni Flow Driven Maze Solving

Type of publication Not peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Contribution to book (non peer-reviewed)
Publication date 2016
Author Kohta Suzuno Daishin Ueyama Michal Branicki Rita Tóth Artur Braun István Lagzi,
Project Reaction-diffusion processes for the growth of patterned structures and architectures: A bottom-up approach for photoelectrochemical electrodes
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Contribution to book (non peer-reviewed)

Book Advances in Unconventional Computing
Editor , Andrew Adamatzky
Publisher Springer, Springer International Publishing Switzerland
Page(s) 237 - 243
ISBN 978-3-319-33920-7
Title of proceedings Advances in Unconventional Computing
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-33921-4_10