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Adaptable Visualisation Based On User Needs

Publikationsart Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Tagungsbeitrag (peer-reviewed)
Publikationsdatum 2014
Projekt Agile Software Assessment
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Tagungsbeitrag (peer-reviewed)

Titel der Proceedings Pre-Proceedings of the 7th International Seminar Series on Advanced Techniques \& Tools for Software


Software developers often ask questions about software systems and software ecosystems that entail exploration and navigation, such as who uses this component?, and where is this feature implemented?. Software visualisation can be a great aid to understanding and exploring the answers to such questions, but visualisations require expertise to implement effectively, and they do not always scale well to large systems. We propose to automatically generate software visualisations based on software models derived from open source software corpora and from an analysis of the properties of typical developers queries and commonly used visualisations. The key challenges we see are (1) understanding how to match queries to suitable visualisations, and (2) scaling visualisations effectively to very large software systems and corpora. In the paper we motivate the idea of automatic software visualisation, we enumerate the challenges and our proposals to address them, and we describe some very initial results in our attempts to develop scalable visualisations of open source software corpora.