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How is Performance Addressed in DevOps? A Survey on Industrial Practices

Publikationsart Nicht peer-reviewed
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Autor/in Bezemer C.-P., Eismann S., Ferme V., Grohmann J., Heinrich R., Jamshidi P., Shang W., van Hoorn A., Villaviencio M., Walter J., Willnecker F.,
Projekt Declarative Continuous Performance Testing for Microservices in DevOps
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Andere Publikationen (nicht peer-reviewed)

Buch How is Performance Addressed in DevOps? A Survey on Industrial Practices
Verlag arXiv, arXiv
Titel der Proceedings ArXiv e-prints

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DevOps is a modern software engineering paradigm that is gaining widespread adoption in industry. The goal of DevOps is to bring software changes into production with a high frequency and fast feedback cycles. This conflicts with software quality assurance activities, particularly with respect to performance. For instance, performance evaluation activities -- such as load testing -- require a considerable amount of time to get statistically significant results. We conducted an industrial survey to get insights into how performance is addressed in industrial DevOps settings. In particular, we were interested in the frequency of executing performance evaluations, the tools being used, the granularity of the obtained performance data, and the use of model-based techniques. The survey responses, which come from a wide variety of participants from different industry sectors, indicate that the complexity of performance engineering approaches and tools is a barrier for wide-spread adoption of performance analysis in DevOps. The implication of our results is that performance analysis tools need to have a short learning curve, and should be easy to integrate into the DevOps pipeline.