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GTInspector: A Moldable Domain-Aware Object Inspector

Publikationsart Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Tagungsbeitrag (peer-reviewed)
Publikationsdatum 2015
Autor/in Chiçs Andrei, Gîrba Tudor, Nierstrasz Oscar, Syrel Aliaksei,
Projekt Agile Software Assessment
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Tagungsbeitrag (peer-reviewed)

Titel der Proceedings Proceedings of the Companion Publication of the 2015 ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Systems, Programming,
DOI 10.1145/2814189.2814194


Understanding the run-time behaviour of object-oriented applications entails the comprehension of run-time objects. Traditional object inspectors favor generic views that focus on the low-level details of the state of single objects. While universally applicable, this generic approach does not take into account the varying needs of developers that could benefit from tailored views and exploration possibilities. GTInspector is a novel moldable object inspector that provides different high-level ways to visualize and explore objects, adapted to both the object and the current developer need. More information about the GTInspector can be found at: