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Book Medingen Manuscript Production in the Age of Monastic Reform (1479) and Lutheran Reformation (1524-1544): How the project contributes to understanding the genesis of the Oxford prayerbook MS. Lat. lit
Publisher Bodleian Libraries and Herzog August Bibliothek, Oxford/Wolfenbüttel

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Dating medieval manuscripts is a cumbersome business. If manuscripts do not contain a completion date, a researcher has to rely on (more or less) datable manuscript characteristics. The book cover, the writing material, the script type or the decoration programme – to name but a few examples; the list could be easily extended – point to the time in which the manuscript was probably produced. Dating medieval manuscripts is somewhat of detective work which requires a keen eye: In each case one has to gather, collect, combine and interpret a wide range of dating information to limit the manuscript’s completion date – and there is always the danger of error. The Oxford prayerbook MS. Lat. Liturg. f. 4 – in the following cited as O1 – is an excellent example of how research can miss some layers of complexity.