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Contribution to book (peer-reviewed)

Book Music Radio: Building Communities, Mediating Genres
Editor , Krogh Mads; , Have Iben; , Michelsen Morten; , Nielsen Steen K.
Publisher Bloomsbury, London Oxford etc
Page(s) 7
ISBN 9781501343216
Title of proceedings Music Radio: Building Communities, Mediating Genres


This chapter investigates sound archives as dispositives of politics of national identity through sound, and the role that sound archives play in such contexts. Like monuments, among other things, ethnographic and radio collections of folk music are powerful resources for the promotion of national discourse: collecting is a crucial process of Western identity formation. Two case studies examine folk music collections that were gathered by ethnographers and by the radio. Based on Foucauldian theory, this chapter scrutinizes the material fixation of culture by means of technology as a conditio sine qua non of the formation of ethnographic knowledge about culture and cultural politics of identity. In particular, the intertwining of folklore studies and the radio in the construction of national musical styles will be examined. Sound collections in their institutional contexts are elements of a dispositive which governs what sounds become elements of a national discourse by being silenced or highlighted, for example, by being disseminated via radio.