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Title of proceedings Proceedings of 20. Status-Seminar "Forschen für den Bau im Kontext von Energie und Umwelt"

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The energy transition raises the questions of the performance, the facade potential and the architectural integration of photovoltaic solutions. In this context, understanding the obstacles and opportunities of the market development in a holistic way is a major issue. This contribution relies on the results of the SNSF PNR70 ACTIVE INTERFACES project (sub-project 05) and emphasizes on the aspects of architectural integration (design and technique) as well as on socio-economic aspects, normative and legal aspects and knowledge transfer between the different actors along the value chain of BIPV products. This research considers the urban residential renewal of the city of Neuchatel as a case study in order to evaluate the market potential of BIPV. The used methodology consists in a pragmatic approach, interviewing architects and owners on choices they made for their specific renovation project as well as their viewpoint and beliefs towards PV and BIPV. A planned behavior acceptance model was used to evaluate the influence of different factors such as outcome appraisal, performance beliefs, effort expectancy, normative beliefs and motivation to comply - which generate the behavioral intention - as well as personal skills, environmental constraints and facilitating conditions, which enable action. The findings of this study give a better understanding of the market potential of BIPV in urban renewal process and provide new perspectives on public policies and existing incentive mechanisms. Based on the analysis of stakeholders interviews, practical recommendations that could significantly change current practices in this area are proposed.