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Agile software assessment with Moose

Publikationsart Nicht peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Original-Beitrag (nicht peer-reviewed)
Publikationsdatum 2012
Autor/in Nierstrasz Oscar,
Projekt Synchronizing Models and Code
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Original-Beitrag (nicht peer-reviewed)

Zeitschrift SIGSOFT Softw. Eng. Notes
Volume (Issue) 37(3)
Seite(n) 1 - 5
Titel der Proceedings SIGSOFT Softw. Eng. Notes
DOI 10.1145/180921.2180925


During software maintenance, much time is spent reading and assessing existing code. Unfortunately most of the tools available for exploring and assessing code, such as browsers, debuggers and profilers, focus on development tasks, and offer little to support program understanding. We present a platform for software and data analysis, called Moose, which enables the rapid development of custom tools for software assessment. We demonstrate how Moose supports agile software assessment through a series of demos, we illustrate some of the custom tools that have been developed, and we draw various lessons learned for future work in this domain.