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Into Historical Limbo: The Legacy of the October Revolution in Russia

Type of publication Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Contribution to book (peer-reviewed)
Author RindlisbacherStephan,
Project Grenzziehungen und Grenzverschiebungen im Sowjetstaat von 1918/22 bis 1936, Rückkehr
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Contribution to book (peer-reviewed)

Book The Russian Revolution as Ideal and Practice
Editor , Telios Thomas
Publisher Springer, Heidelberg
Page(s) 207 - 223
ISBN 978-3-030-14237-7
Title of proceedings The Russian Revolution as Ideal and Practice


In Russia, the commemoration of the October Revolution is highly ambivalent. On the one hand, symbols of the revolutionary past are visible everywhere. On the other hand, the authorities have only half-heartedly engaged in the commemoration of the event. The main focus of the current commemoration is to reconcile the heterogeneous narratives of Russian history and to emphasize the need for a strong state. In this article, I look at the forms of commemoration or non-commemoration in different social fields (public spaces, museums, academia and educational internet platforms). Based on media reports, official communications and my own observations, I analyze how the complex interaction between silencing and performance evokes this kind of blurring. In this way, the memory of Red October is pushed into historical limbo, into a no-man’s-land, from where it cannot endanger current politics.