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Book (peer-reviewed)

Publisher Springer Singapore, Singapore
ISBN 978-981-15-7727-7
DOI 10.1007/978-981-15-7728-4


Are you your genes? De-Sequencing: Identity Work with Genes explores this perplexing question, showing how different forms of knowledge must be contextualized to become meaningful. It is generally assumed that the genomic sequence adds up to the identity-forming material life is made of. Yet identity cannot itself adopt the form of a sequence. As the authors in this volume show, the genome must be ‘de-sequenced’ by human language to render it interpretable and meaningful in a social context. The book unpacks this type of ‘sequence-speech’ in engaging detail, adopting a personal, social, cultural, and bio-political approach to examine the transformation of human identity and reflexivity in the era of genetic citizenship.