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Public art in Africa

Type of publication Peer-reviewed
Publikationsform Editors (peer-reviewed)
Project Public Art in Africa
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Editors (peer-reviewed)

Editor , Nibbeling Xandra; , Grandin Lucas; , Verschuren Kamiel; , Pucciarelli Marta; , de la Chapelle Maud; , Pensa Iolanda ; , Siegenthaler Fiona; , Bell Marilyn Douala; , Adukaite Asta
Publisher Metis Presses, Genève
ISBN 978-2-94-0563-16-6


Public Art in Africa is the first book exclusively focused on the dynamics of site-specific contemporary art in urban Africa. It includes peer-reviewed academic essays providing a critical analysis of the relationship between public art and urban space in the African context, through historical, anthropological, sociological, urban and artistic approaches. Thanks to in-depth and hyperlinked sections, videos, images, interactive maps and bibliographic documentation, this collective publication is enriched with an extensive documentation available specifically for this digital book, by a glossary about African contemporary art, public art, African biennales and triennials, participatory art and art in the urban space of Africa and by the documentation produced for the catalogue raisonné of all public artworks produced in Douala in Cameroon since 1991.