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Original article (peer-reviewed)

Journal Testi e Linguaggi
Volume (Issue) 10/2016
Page(s) 243 - 267
Title of proceedings Testi e Linguaggi

Open Access


This contribution investigates the German response particle genau and the French response par- ticle voilà within collaborative turn sequences in videotaped ordinary conversations. Adopting a conversation analytic approach to cross-linguistic comparison, I will show that the basic epis- temic value of both particles allows them to be used in similar sequential environments. When a co-participant formulates a candidate conclusion in environments where it can be easily inferred from previous talk, first speakers may confirm the adequacy of the pre-emptive completion by voilà or genau. These particles may then also be followed by self- or other-repeats. The analyses aim to illustrate that participants rely on a variety of practices in order to positively assess a pre-emptive completion, and to refute a supposed binary opposition of refusal vs. acceptance in the receipt slot.