Wir untersuchen theoretisch (Basel) und experimentell (Linz) Nanodraehte, die aus dem Halbleitermaterial Germanium umhuellt mit Silizium bestehen. Diese Gemaess unseren theoretischen Modellen und Berechnungen eignen sich diese Systeme hervorragend als Plattform fuer spin-qubits (quantum computing)helikale Zustaende fuer Spintronics, und fuer exotische Quantnmaterie wie zum Beispiel 'fractional fermions' oder Majorana Fermionen.

Lay summary

Ge has emerged as a promising material system for the realization of spin qubits, due to the absence of hyperfine interaction in isotopically purified samples. Very recently a pioneering proposal by our theory group has suggested that core/shell Ge/Si nanowires constitute also an interesting platform for the realization of helical states in a semiconductor due to a new mechanism to generate giant spin orbit interaction by purely electrical means. Such helical states form the basis for spin filter devices and exotic quantum matter such as fractional fermions and Majoranas which can potentially be used for topological quantum computation.

Here in this project we aim at an experimental and theoretical studies of such novel nanowire systems.