Lay summary

Since the onset of Ð?i m?i (“the process of renovation”) which officially started in 1986, Vietnam has been undergoing complex processes of transformation which prove to be beneficial for some, but disadvantageous for others. This Postdoc project starts with the observation that empirical data on socio-economic change occurring in urban Vietnam is scant. The aim of my Postdoc is to qualitatively analyze socio-economic change that takes place in the urban Red River Delta (Vietnam).

In 2010 a restudy of previous research which I conducted in Hanoi and Nam Dinh City between 2004 and 2006 was successfully implemented. In this multi-sited and longitudinal investigation key concerns were taken up in order to investigate decision making strategies within the (household). The five main objectives of the project will be analyzed qualitatively and contribute to the understanding of economic, social and religious domains which form part of the complex phenomenon of socio-economic change in (post-)socialist Vietnam. Firstly, the project aims to investigate if and how the first global financial crisis of the 21st century impacted different classes within Vietnam; secondly, it will analyze the importance of economic capital with respect to decision making strategies within the ; thirdly, it will explain how norms and values with respect to gender are defined in different social fields in the sense of Bourdieu; fourthly, it will determine whether religious affiliation leads to divisions within Nam Dinh City, and fifthly it will evaluate the extent to which norms and values are valid indicators of socio-economic change.

This research will serve the advancement of interdisciplinary Southeast Asian studies as these complex processes of socio-economic change which take place worldwide challenge the cohabitation of generations on the one hand and the social cohesion between richer and poorer inhabitants on the other. Furthermore, I believe that this research will provide the basis for valuable comparisons in social anthropology and all studies trying to understand how norms and values are being contested in the realm of everyday life in (post-)socialist societies.