Lay summary
The goals of the international project North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling (NEEM) are to obtain a reliable high-resolution northern hemisphere ice core record of the onset of the Eemian period (about 135,000 years ago) and, if possible, to provide first ice samples from the preceding glacial epoch from Greenland. This project has been declared top priority by IPICS, the International Partnership in Ice Core Science, and is the first of four internation polar ice drilling projects to be realised. Here we seek basic financial support to become a full partner of NEEM, to support the logistic cost at a very moderate but important level, and to be able to contribute to the NEEM project our unique scientific expertise in high-resolution ice core measurement.

The focus of our research will be to perform firn gas measurements in the field and provide crucial information for ice core dating and the determination of the gas age-ice age relationshiop. We will deploy to NEEM Station our newly developed Continuous Flow Analyses (CFA) device with which we will produce high-resolution measurements of a series of chemical components on a meltwater stream from a section of the entire ice core. In addition, air will be extracted continuously from the meltwater in order to det4ermine air content as well as the CH4 concentration using a gas chromatograph coupled to the CFA device. These data will be measured in the framework of the science program during the three field seasons of ice core drilling at NEEM Station.