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Sound-Proof - Proof of Concept Integration

Titel Englisch Sound-Proof - Proof of Concept Integration
Gesuchsteller/in Marforio Claudio
Nummer 173846
Förderungsinstrument Bridge - Proof of Concept
Forschungseinrichtung Institut für Informationssicherheit ETH Zürich
Hochschule ETH Zürich - ETHZ
Hauptdisziplin Informatik
Beginn/Ende 01.03.2017 - 30.04.2018
Bewilligter Betrag 129'982.00
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Keywords (6)

backend; security; two-factor authentication; privacy; 2fa; usability

Lay Summary (Italienisch)

Al giorno d'oggi una grande quantità di dati personali viene digitalizzata, utilizzata e salvata online per le più svariate applicazioni: energia, governo, educazione, finanza, salute, assicurazione, solo per fare qualche esempio. Contemporaneamente, mentre la quantità di dati privati aumenta in maniera esponenziale, la consapevolezza verso i rischi informatici rimane bassa e questi non vengono presi abbastanza in considerazione. Sound-Proof è una tecnologia che facilita l'implementazione e l'utilizzo di autenticazione a due fattori, per rendere i dati online più sicuri.
Lay summary
Soggetto e obiettivo

Il nostro obiettivo principale è rendere Sound-Proof affidabile per la maggior parte di utilizzi e facilmente integrabile nei sistemi di autenticazione utilizzati oggi nell'inustria. Più precisamente, (i) testeremo la tecnologia sviluppata presso il gruppo di sicurezza informatica dell'ETH di Zurigo in maniera approfondita con diversi sistemi di cellulari (svariati modelli) e computer e (ii) svilupperemo un numero di punti di integrazione per diversi back-end attraverso lo sviluppo di API generiche e di facile utilizzo. Intendiamo inoltre (iii) testare queste API per sicurezza, stabilità e possibilità di scalabilità per supportare il maggior numero possibile di applicazioni online.

Constesto socio-scientifico

Il nostro lavoro permetterà l'integrazione di Sound-Proof in un gran numero di sistemi informatici in diversi settori della finanza, assicurazione, educazione e salute. Questa integrazione permetterà a tutti i cittadini di avere un accesso sicuro ai propri dati che i vari operatori salvano online, senza dover, necessariamente, utilizzare sistemi complicati e fastidiosi.
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System Security Group Schweiz (Europa)
- Forschungsinfrastrukturen

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More and more user data is digitalized, processed and stored on the cloud in areas like health, financial services, energy, e-governance, food or education. Yet, as the amount of sensitive data exponentially increases, the awareness for security risks is low and badly acted upon.Sound-Proof provides secure and user-friendly (zero-user interaction) authentication solutions to businesses and individuals to protect their accounts and data. In addition, Sound-Proof is committed to improve education and awareness campaigns for end-user security. Communication around security should empower businesses rather than instilling fear.Sound-Proof offers unique, fast, two-factor authentication (2FA), continuous authentication (next generation access management to pre-emptively secure inactive sessions) and traditional two-factor authentication solutions with a focus on ease-of-use for the end-user. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Sound-Proof products is to provide affordable, easy to understand and strong authentication solutions that are hands-off for the end-user.Sound-Proof, as a technology, has been shown to be an accurate way to authenticate users without imposing additional burden on them. To bring this technology to the market we need to perform a number of tasks that will be carried out in this proof of concept project. In particular, we need to test the technology on a larger array of hardware components and tweak necessary components to ensure deployability and usability is not degraded.Aside from further testing, a required step to improve the reliability of the product offering, we will need to design and implement the backend components in order for Sound-Proof to be easily integrated with existing authentication infrastructures. We will define a set of API and implement endpoints on our server components to be able to communicate with existing authentication servers used for both web servers and other software used to connect to a network (e.g., SSH or VPN).With the funding from the BRIDGE Program, we can take Sound-Proof from a prototype research project to a product that is marketable to a large number of companies in different market clusters (e.g., digital health, banking and financial sector). Benefits will be for both companies, in reduced cyber-security costs as well as new product offering capabilities, and all individuals, that will be able to finally have the option to secure their online data and accounts with an hands-off solution that they will want to use.The applicant has performed a preliminary market analysis and started discussions with potential customers in order to undertand the requirements from the industry to accept an innovative security solution. This proof of concept project proposal reflects the requests gathered from these perliminary interactions. The funding will enable the applicant to provide an answer to the industry for their needs and will result in a successful company that will benefit the Swiss and international markets and societies.