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Biozentrum der Universität Basel

Address Biozentrum der Universität Basel
Klingelbergstrasse 50 / 70
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Responsible applicant Institution of higher education Start End date Funding scheme

Keeping one step ahead: understanding evolution of pathogens to manage their virulence and to stop their transmission
Diard Médéric University of Basel - BS 01.06.2018 31.05.2022 SNSF Professorships

Cell type-specific expression of 3’ untranslated region isoforms: quantification, modeling, and prediction of functional impact
Zavolan Mihaela University of Basel - BS 01.01.2020 31.12.2023 Project funding (Div. I-III)

Macromolecular Assemblies in Metabolic Regulation and Polyketide Biosynthesis
Maier Timm University of Basel - BS 01.04.2018 31.03.2022 Project funding (Div. I-III)

Exploration of novel pathways for rapid gene regulation during neuronal plasticity
Mauger Oriane University of Basel - BS 01.10.2017 30.09.2021 Ambizione

The role of the Francisella Pathogenicity Island (FPI) in modulating type I IFN secretion and inflammasome activation
Broz Petr Institution abroad - IACH 01.09.2008 31.08.2009 Fellowships for prospective researchers

Structure, function and dynamics of the Ragulator multiprotein complex
Bibow Stefan University of Basel - BS 01.01.2017 31.12.2019 Ambizione

Investigation of midbrain circuitry underlying motor and cognitive behaviors
Tan Kelly University of Basel - BS 01.12.2019 30.11.2021 SNSF Professorships

Role of the ESCRT-III machinery in inflammasome-induced cell death and cytokine release
Broz Petr University of Lausanne - LA 01.12.2017 31.05.2021 Project funding (Div. I-III)

Recombination and reassortement in viral evolution
Neher Richard University of Basel - BS 01.01.2020 31.12.2023 Project funding (Div. I-III)

The organization and function of long-range projections in visual cortex
Mrsic-Flogel Thomas University of Basel - BS 01.11.2016 31.08.2018 Project funding (Div. I-III)

Characterization of the mechanisms of inflammasome assembly and signaling
Broz Petr University of Basel - BS 01.01.2017 31.12.2018 SNSF Professorships

Efficient cryo electron microscopy of macromolecular assemblies and membrane proteins
Maier Timm University of Basel - BS 01.09.2018 29.02.2020 R'EQUIP

Circuit mechanisms of cognitive control and their deficiencies in mouse models of schizophrenia
Khan Adil Institution abroad - IACH 01.09.2016 31.08.2019 Ambizione