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Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät Universität Basel

Anschrift Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät Universität Basel
Peter Merian-Weg 6
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Verantw. Gesuchsteller/in Hochschule Start Enddatum Förderungsinstrument

Transition to a 'Green Open Economy': Labour Market Effects and Implications for the Swiss Economy
Weder Rolf University of Basel - BS 01.09.2017 31.08.2020 NFP 73 Nachhaltige Wirtschaft

Self-Adapting Regime-Switching Models for Automated Financial Trading Systems
Maringer Dietmar University of Basel - BS 01.03.2012 28.02.2014 Projektförderung (Abt. I-III)

Swiss influence in the World Trade Organization (WTO) with and without membership in the European Union (EU)
Weder Rolf University of Basel - BS 01.10.2008 31.10.2011 Projektförderung (Abt. I-III)

Measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
Hintermann Beat University of Basel - BS 01.10.2016 30.09.2019 Projektförderung (Abt. I-III)

The valuation of medical interventions at the end of life
Hintermann Beat University of Basel - BS 01.03.2013 28.02.2017 NFP 67 Lebensende

The Future of Swiss Hydropower: An Integrated Economic Assessment of Chances, Threats and Solutions
Weigt Hannes University of Basel - BS 01.10.2014 31.03.2019 NFP 70 Energiewende

The Elasticity of Taxable Wealth: Evidence from Switzerland
Schmidheiny Kurt University of Basel - BS 01.01.2017 30.04.2019 Projektförderung (Abt. I-III)

Combining Electricity Models (AFEM-MODEL)
Weigt Hannes University of Basel - BS 01.11.2014 31.12.2018 NFP 70 Energiewende

Endogenous Creation and Dissolution of Economic and Monetary Unions: An Experimental Investigation
Weder Rolf University of Basel - BS 01.05.2017 30.04.2020 Projektförderung (Abt. I-III)

International Trade in Variety and the Domestic Market
Weder Rolf University of Basel - BS 01.10.2009 30.09.2012 Projektförderung (Abt. I-III)

Evolutionary game theory of public goods
Scheuring Istvan University of Basel - BS 01.06.2012 30.06.2012 Internationale Kurzaufenthalte