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Neurologische Poliklinik Universitätsspital Zürich

Address Neurologische Poliklinik Universitätsspital Zürich
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Responsible applicant Institution of higher education Start End date Funding scheme

Protein synthesis inhibition in focal ischemic brain injury - Effects of TAT-fusion proteins linked with neurotrophins and chaperones
Hermann Dirk M. University of Zurich - ZH 01.12.2003 31.03.2006 Project funding (Div. I-III)

Identification of a novel IL-18 receptor ligand with powerful proinflammatory properties
Saller Bürgi Elisabeth University of Zurich - ZH 01.10.2006 29.02.2008 Marie Heim-Voegtlin grants

Molecular and functional characterisation of expanded B cell clones in multiple sclerosis
Goebels Norbert University of Zurich - ZH 01.06.2004 31.05.2007 Project funding (Div. I-III)

Target recognition by encephalitogenic T cells: The role of Ag-Presenting cells in experimental autoimmune encepahlomyelitis
Becher Burkhard University of Zurich - ZH 01.04.2004 30.04.2007 Project funding (Div. I-III)

The role of lymphoid structures and NF-kB2 signaling in the development of immunization-induced autoimmune disease
Becher Burkhard University of Zurich - ZH 01.05.2007 31.10.2010 Project funding (Div. I-III)

Pathophysiology of narcolepsy - a multimodal approach
Bassetti Claudio L. University of Zurich - ZH 01.08.2004 31.10.2007 Project funding (Div. I-III)

Restorative effects of adult neural precursor (stem) cells in the ischemic brain
Hermann Dirk M. University of Zurich - ZH 01.07.2006 31.12.2009 Project funding (Div. I-III)