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Watson Institute for International Studies Brown University

Address Watson Institute for International Studies Brown University
111 Thayer Street, Box 1970
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Responsible applicant Institution of higher education Start End date Funding scheme

The policy positions of European member states - Exploring the role of voters, business interests, and political elites
Hinterleitner Markus Institution abroad - IACH 01.01.2019 31.08.2020 Early Postdoc.Mobility

Sovereign ratings and the solvency of states: a case of structural power
Mennillo Giulia Institution abroad - IACH 01.01.2014 31.01.2015 Doc.Mobility

Die Rolle internationaler Organisationen in der Drogenpolitik - Das UNODC und das INCB im Vergleich
Schneider Christian Institution abroad - IACH 01.03.2010 30.09.2010 Fellowships for prospective researchers

Networks as Target, as Weapon, and as Aggressor - Exploring the Construction of Networked Security Threats
Dunn Cavelty Myriam ETH Zurich - ETHZ 01.07.2007 30.09.2007 International short research visits