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Department of Chemistry Stanford University

Address Department of Chemistry Stanford University
333 Campus Drive
US-Stanford, CA
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Responsible applicant Institution of higher education Start End date Funding scheme

An Enantioselective Biomimetic Total Synthesis of Symbioimine
Napp Matthias Institution abroad - IACH 01.02.2005 28.02.2006 Fellowships for prospective researchers

Total Synthesis of Dysidiolide
Bertogg Andreas Institution abroad - IACH 01.07.2006 30.06.2007 Fellowships for prospective researchers

Targeted vaults for the delivery of novel therapeutics for the treatment of HIV/AIDS
Capolicchio Samanta Institution abroad - IACH 01.05.2015 31.10.2016 Early Postdoc.Mobility

Imaging of Conformational Changes for Single Proteins in Solution by Suppression of Brownian Motion
Fürstenberg Alexandre Institution abroad - IACH 01.02.2008 31.01.2009 Fellowships for prospective researchers

Development of a cataltic system for enantioselective aromatic Claisen rearrangemetn and its application in synthesis of pseudopterosins
Turks Maris Institution abroad - IACH 01.12.2005 30.11.2006 Fellowships for prospective researchers