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Historisches Seminar Universität Zürich

Address Historisches Seminar Universität Zürich
Rämistrasse 64
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Responsible applicant Institution of higher education Start End date Funding scheme

British banks and the Latin American debt crisis of 1982 - The Case of Consortium Banks
Alvarez Sebastian University of Zurich - ZH 01.11.2020 31.10.2021 Return CH Postdoc.Mobility

Rumours of War: Fear, Violence and the Politics of Belonging in Late Apartheid South Africa
Rueedi Franziska University of Zurich - ZH 01.05.2020 30.04.2021 Return CH Postdoc.Mobility

Schweizerische Auswanderung im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert
Goehrke Carsten University of Zurich - ZH 01.10.1979 30.09.1982 Project funding (special)

Transnational business encounters : informal company networks, cartels and business interest associations compared
Eichenberger Pierre University of Zurich - ZH 01.05.2018 31.07.2018 Scientific Exchanges

Tagung Stadt - Raum - Geschlecht.
Fritzsche Bruno University of Zurich - ZH 01.08.1999 31.10.1999 Scientific Conferences

Komparative Byzantinisch -Osmanische Agrargeschichte
Goehrke Carsten University of Zurich - ZH 01.10.1984 30.09.1987 Project funding (Div. I-III)