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CLASSROOM 2000: Authoring environment for the course development using computer supported teachware and interactive distant learning

Gesuchsteller/in Coray Giovanni
Nummer 51362
Förderungsinstrument Schwerpunktprogramme (SPP)
Forschungseinrichtung Laboratoire de design et media EPFL IC ISIM LDM
Hochschule EPF Lausanne - EPFL
Hauptdisziplin Informatik
Beginn/Ende 01.11.1997 - 31.03.2001
Bewilligter Betrag 691'712.00
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Erziehungs- und Bildungswissenschaften

Lay Summary (Englisch)

Lay summary
There is a growing need at all levels of education and working life for instruction in the new communication and information techniques. Technological development itself is opening up more and more possibilities of revising traditional teaching methods by putting more weight on continuous training in professional life and actually incorporating technical facilities in teaching. The aims of the present project is a blend of traditional andcomputer-supported teaching methods:
  • Authoring System: development and integration of teachware and technical facilities (computer-based training, simulation) and their use in the interactive virtual classroom
  • The development of teaching, testing and assessment protocols and a system architecture for establishing a virtual classroom (videophones, common use of applications)
  • Improvement of the present range of training facilities for post-diploma and vocational coaching in order to put new skills and knowledge business and society quicker into practice
  • Tying Swiss efforts into European projects
  • Developing the organization and communications structures for distributed research collaboration on a European level
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